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Question   Appritiation
Dear Mr Vishwajith, It was a Treat to go through your site, My intrests are in same line, I am looking to put efforts to realize more closer to nature through Photography,As you said, no need effort, need to appritiate
I am ask your advise as and when if OK. Regards Harish

- Harish K March 20, 2015

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Question   Lanscape and flowers photographs
Your photographs are amazing and breath taking. I enjoyed watching them and hoping to see more. Thank you for posting.

- Sam Pham March 03, 2013

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Question   Leading Online Florists for Same Day and Assured D
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- Pritam Kumar January 22, 2013

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Question   Comment on beauty of the pictures
these pictures are absolute stunning. Never seens such beautiful and bright colours in combination with catchy moments. Still curiuos about the way some pictures were made......

- John Krans February 17, 2012

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Question   Mumbai Online Florists
l liked this content/ article. I would certainly recommend the same to others as well.

- Ruksana g October 24, 2011

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Question   I liked your site.
I liked your site.

- William Pat March 23, 2009

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Question   good job!
hey nice work man.. really useful to find palces around b'lore for photography..thanks for keeping the spirit of photography alive..
keep clicking

- sriram sabhapathy December 18, 2008

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Question   Saw the gallery...
Awesome pictures!
One can really learn to click better after having a look at the frames you have chosen!

-  July 22, 2008

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Question   Great pictures
Splendid pictures of birds
Aprateem ,
Enjoyed them thoroughly.

Keep clicking.

- sandeep bhale July 14, 2008

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I visited your gallery and really impressed by your bird's images.

Would you like to tell me which lens do you use with your nikon d 5o ????/

- Farhat Afza June 26, 2008

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Question   Beautiful!
Your work is absoulutely beautiful! I loved looking at all of your photos :)

- Sharon June 22, 2008

  Answer What a great rseoucre this text is.

- Amberly Amberly  September 06, 2011

  Answer I saecrhed a bunch of sites and this was the best.

- Jannika Jannika  October 14, 2012

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Question   Excellent work
Vishvajit, got a chance to see this web page and your gallery in betterphoto.com.

Excellent images

- BK VEL February 23, 2008

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Question   Gr8 work
Wonderful work.....
Good wishes and "All the best" for upcoming milestones in photography world.

- Poonam Gharat November 25, 2007

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Question   Visit
Glad I stopped to have a look, wonderful work my friend

- Ray Clarke November 22, 2007

  Answer Articles like this are an exaplme of quick, helpful answers.

- Janeece Janeece  September 05, 2011

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Question   Nice Photographs
Wow, awesome pictures...

-  July 04, 2007

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